Wednesday, 4 April 2007

The unusual suspects

When you have enough time thinking about life can bring you sorrow, concerns, boredom but also some insights that can help you through the journey. More often than not there comes a word or an image apart from the daily routine. It doesn’t matter if they result from weariness. They can be nonsense. Inspirational nonsense.

Words or images alone may be used as starters, food for thought when you are high and dry. A glimpse at a tree nearby can remind you of your connection to a larger reality – in fact, to the so neglected nature. Or take you back to old days home. Can make you move.

It seems the more distant the more powerful. Remote control? Elective affinities? Maybe just the overlapping forces of the universe.


Roberto Noritomi said...

holism? transcendence? well, my friend, my students can not see nothing beyond but interest.

Ana Paula said...

Estou gostando muito deste local virtual, onde idéias de pessoas desconhecidas se assemelham as suas.