Wednesday, 25 April 2007

Places to be

I feel that a special bond arises out of a visit to a town or a country. As if they were part of me or some special friend to whom I were strongly connected. It may be a sort of affection due to fascination or sympathy. But in a way it also helps soothing the path of loneliness through this world. They play the role of phantoms always remembering pleasant experiences, inspiring bold behaviours, promising wonders.

Towns and countries I once travelled to are not only scenery but also and mainly characters of my best stories. Those based not on real facts, rather on would-be ways of living. Escape routes. They are the few frames still alive of a film almost completely forgotten.

My travel memories help me keep track of the roads not taken. In the past and while passes allow.

photo: pottery by Mieko Ukeseki, from the town of Cunha, Brazil

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