Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Walking, not following (since Ice Age)


After searching creatures who would have respect for him Syd finally finds a large group willing to worship him in a sort of ritual scene in ‘Ice Age 2’ [directed by Carlos Saldanha]. He is delighted and worried at the same time. It is either too good or too bad, says Syd. Needless to tell the rest of the story.

The message is delivered in a very funny way, as the whole film. And how smart! It also serves as a reminder of the perils of managing power and a large amount of followers (or even a single one). Any kind of follower.

Actually following something or someone seems to have nothing to do with respect. But in some way they are seen as being intertwined. As respect is so hard to get nowadays people try to gather as many followers to gain some sort of control and, they might think, respect. A tricky path (un)consciously taken.

Syd stumbles and slides as he walks. Aside from a style his steps help us know him better. He’s got a playful way of living, which enables him not only to survive but also to learn. About anything that matters, including the risks of following the steady footprints of others.

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