Sunday, 25 March 2007

Heroes: so many, so less


And so it goes...
Here we have a politician (rather than a president) who calls any single category, the adressed-of-the-day, as a hero. Might be Ministers or businessmen, blue collar workers or survivors of the urban violence. In our meaningless reality no one seems to complain. Let them be heroes. But why is that so appealing for him to say such a weakened word?

In the TV series ‘Heroes’ those so called have special abilities: mind reading, flying, foresseing the future and so on. But they are more inner oriented than compassive or trying-to-help people. What is left of old good heroes? Were they captured by the individualistic wave as well?

Sounds like myths. Or classics, divas, best bands... Heroes as devoid of meaning and heart. A label to catch audiences not to be caught so easily any more. Just another trick, just another tasteless device?

When you stroll around your town you may find many heroes along the way. You won’t recognize them though. They lack chances to reveal themselves. And a proper window or screen. And what is more, they lack naming.


Akhilesh Pathak said...

Nice to read a concerned citizen's thoughts's on something that should be everybody's concern !!

Anonymous said...

What kind of heros might we be?